Contemplation Twelve

O true Presence,
O true healer,
O true voice,
O spirit of contemplation,

O only builder
of the three mansions of the soul,
(heaven, earth, hell)

O highest beauty of all created things,
O paradise of the seven heavens,

O Subject of the child’s dream,
O Object of the prophet’s word,
O Deeps of onward wisdom,
O Healer of the Mother wound,
O Tryst with triune light,

Cloister Contemplation Thirteen

O true River,
O true waters flowing down,
O true legends of the deep,
O spirit of the mountain to the sea,
Sweep on!

O only four directions
of the four medicines,
(from innocence to strength)
It is the wind that moves the trees!

O waterhouse of all earth’s unseen springs,
O portrait of the skies’ bright indigo bead,
It is the earring of the Great Spirit!

O Visions of the tribal dance,
O Sweep of sunlight’s fiery chance,
O Moon’s sonata, rising true,
O Community that caused the wound,
O You shall heal it too,
Lamp to the darkness!

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